Create the Perfect Shield Around Your Website to Keep Multi-Vector DDoS Assaults at Bay.

Last year, a large number of servers fell victim to an ever-increasing threat in the world, DDoS attacks. They have now sophisticatedly evolved from attacking the network layers (L3/L4) to attacking the application layers (L7) in the OSI model. With the evolution of IoT technology and its integration within our daily lives, the occurrence of such attacks has become quite a common norm.

Because of these frequent DDoS attack reoccurrences, our website servers are now no longer safe. They have countless security vulnerabilities and even a single exploitation can end up sending the entire network into disarray. It’s one of the major reasons why DDoS attackers can easily inflict damage to more than a million IoT devices through a single launch, creating a massive impact in the cyber security space.

The average attention span of a customer has decreased to 4-5 seconds, which is the normal attention span of a goldfish. Customers don’t like to stick around websites which are known to underperform and are not capable of delivering services on time. If they get the slightest whiff of the presence of an issue on your website, it can send them fretting away before even learning whether your website has security breaches or not.

In order to combat such modern-day vulnerabilities, a website requires resilience and intellect of scalable networks. What you need is an easy-to-configure security service which can offer you performance-oriented protection for servers from most malicious attacks which can cripple infrastructures permanently.

Branex Offers High Class DDoS Protection Services

Our DDoS Protection service promises that your website will never have to face downtime ever again. We apply a number of strategies using high-functional modern tools. We deploy sophisticated DDoS attack systems that can ultimately eradicate your system vulnerabilities. Our team is highly efficient and is capable of deploying a full-setup in less than 15 minutes. Our minimum response time is around 30 minutes. We make sure to maintain the availability of our services and work with you as partners.

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Reverse Proxy Protection

We make sure that every aspect of your web infrastructure is protected; may it be MX DNS or web. Are you looking to add an extra layer of protection to the remote nodes of your website? By making use of the reverse proxy protection, you can allow clean traffic to easily pass through your web infrastructure. We understand that identifying Layer 7 attacks are difficult, but our team of experts can identify such vulnerabilities easily.

Our state-of-the-art services help protect web applications from all commonplace application layer attacks such as session hijacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and SQL injections.

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Having a network of geographically distributed servers which deliver web content to users based on their specific locations is how the Content Delivery Network (CDN) works. It comes with a wide range of services that can help you boost security, reliability, performance and actionable insights.

With Branex, you can now boost your website performance and optimize it on a global CDN network. All you ever have to do is combine your security services such as DNS protection, WAF and so on with us.

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Safeguard your application from common attacks, ensure round the clock availability, prevent your applications from eating up valuable resources and make your application’s security foolproof with the help of our WAF security services.

Our WAF security solution empowers businesses and lets them control which traffic to block and which to allow by tinkering with web security rules. Close the door for common attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injections, etc.

Take real-time actions on irregular traffic patterns by creating and deploying new rules in no time. If creating manual rules seems too daunting a task, we offer an API that lets you automate the entire process of creating, deploying and maintaining web security rules. You get more than what you pay for with our WAF security services. Our flexible pricing plans cater to the number of rules and web requests that your web app will have to handle.

You can either incorporate our WAF security solutions in conjunction with a CDN solution or as an Application Load Balancer (ALB) to safeguard your web server and origin servers.

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Mail Server Protection

Are you trying to keep your server secure from Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Spam or Keylogging? These are some common attacks that can reroute into your system through email. As attacks are increasingly growing in number, they are also diversifying in complexity.

With Branex mail protection service, you can now communicate with your stakeholders in a secure environment without much hassle.

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DNS server protection

One vulnerable area which hackers can easily target, or exploit is the security of your DNS server. Your DNS server is a prime target which can fall under a number of attacks such as DDoS, amplification and other reflection attacks. Most SMBs and enterprises are found using DNS servers, through which cyber espionage can easily be conducted. If a successful espionage occurs, it can enable the hacker to learn about the vulnerabilities, ultimately resulting in sending the website offline.

Branex offers at par DNS server protection service which comes with perfect security for your business.

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